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Established 2015 in Angry Archies, a family run business, was founded by Chef Chris Curado and his cousin Michael Ponte. Operating out of Jersey City, NJ, Angry Archies allows Chris, a current Jersey City resident, and Michael, who has had a family run business in Jersey City for over a half decade, to further expand their roots in their own community. Anchoring the Archies crew is Chris's mother Carmela Sebastiano, who is a huge part of the company. Carmela handles all event coordination and of course all of Archie's baking needs. 

Chris, Michael, and Carmela have taken Archie's to the top of the food truck scene in Jersey City and beyond. In 2016, Archie's won Best Food at the Food Truck Mash up at the Meadowlands, which featured hundreds of trucks competing for NJ bragging rights. And in 2017, took home Best Food Truck at the East Hanover Food Truck Festival, solidifying themselves at one of fastest up and coming food trucks in NJ. 

In 2018, Chris and Michael added to the fleet of ever growing trucks, and best of all have added a new pop up location at 200 Harboside in Jersey City, NJ, which is now opened for lunch from 11:30-2:30. 

Angry Archie's thanks you for taking the time to visit our us online and we hope to see you soon!

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